Our company started to operate in 1997, in heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning and mechanical installation contracting, material foundry and after sales service. It has proven itself with the projects it has put forward in the sector and has succeeded in successful projects both at home and abroad. TEBAŞ has successfully continued the authorized dealers and service services of many of the world's most admired brands for many years and by 2009, it has stepped into the energy meter sector with the distributorship of world-class German Elster and italian Ivar companies.
The law on efficient use of energy in our country entered into force in 2007 and our company decided to invest in this area and first started to take the representation of two European companies in the sector. TEBAŞ has chosen companies that are very successful in their fields. Elster is a leader in calorimeters, water meters and measuring instruments, and Ivar is a leader in heat stations. As of 2012 we decided to invest in our own brand name (TEBAŞ). Arge department has developed software and product development center. We started to get our own products, software, patents and documents.
Our aim in doing these works is to contribute to the country's economy, to develop ourselves better and to prove that we can produce these products. Our company has made it a principle to work fairly and completely in terms of heat expenditure sharing (reading / invoicing). According to Article 10 of the Regulation on the sharing of heating and sanitary hot water expenses in central heating and sanitary hot water systems in the European Standards, Ministry of Environment and Citizenship is authorized measurement company and region distribution and sales company. Document No: 15, Our company also has ISO 9001: 2008 and TSE-HYB service qualification certificate.

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Our company has been founded in 1997 and has got ISO 9001 quality certificate and Authorized Counter Reading Certificates approved by European Standard (CE) and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

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