Our Mission;
knowledge, technology and energy, sharing, participating and informative, environmentally sensitive energy-saving products are used to provide a better world for the future. Our company which is on this way leads you to the best products and the best products with the best product range in the sector with its calorimeter (heat meter) and heat meter to measure heat from the floor before being forced in heating and cooling systems, comfortable heat station and water meter service. Since its establishment, our company has successfully completed many projects in the fields it has been serving and has achieved customer satisfaction with its high quality service understanding. TEBAŞ ENERGY "offers all kinds of projects and products.
Our Vision;
With the advanced technology of human beings, quality products are produced to the nature and human health sensitive products, enabling people to live in a happier and more peaceful world.

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Our company has been founded in 1997 and has got ISO 9001 quality certificate and Authorized Counter Reading Certificates approved by European Standard (CE) and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

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