Order CodeProduct Model
130VT007TIC-CARD Tebaş Magnetic Meter Card Reader-Writer
150YD001TEBAŞ Prepaid Heat Meter Credit Adding Software
170YP011TIC-CARD Tebaş Magnetic Smart Meter Card
Technical Features
Tebaş prepaid card system combines the low installation, operation and usage cost advantages of central system with the payment advantage of individual system. There are prepaid card models not only for heating, but also for hot + cold water meters.
Ideal for the Housing Estate and Building Managers;
As Tebaş prepaid system is based on the principle of first buying the heating energy and then using it, it provides solutions to all problems arising from heating and fuel expenses and bill collections. It also saves from time and money as it will eliminate the need for reading the meters one by one. It offers the opportunity to prepare user, building or region based reports.
Ideal for the Apartment Owners;
With Tebaş prepaid system, you only pay for the amount you consumed. You can ensure energy saving by controlling temperature at the usage areas. Even decreasing the ambient temperature by 1°C would provide an energy saving of approximately 5%. Moreover, you buy the heating amount in advance and then start consuming it. In this way, you can control your expenses and make your heating plan according to your income.
Tebaş prepaid card calorimeters should be supported with a card reading-writing device and software.
A smart IC card is issued to each user. The user adds credit to their card, swipes it to the heat meter and uses the heat energy. With the smart IC card, the user can check the details in their meter and see how much heat is left.
M-Bus connection systems data collection unit (collector and concentrator), Wireless communication system (GSM Modem). In line with the advancing technology, the need for modern automatic meter and recording systems increases.
Tebaş meter reading systems transfer the consumer details to the relevant server with its reliable data collection feature in water and energy systems for automated consumption.
These are the systems allowing both mobile wireless reading and fixed wireless - cable reading. It offers reliable and economic solutions for both the reading of meters with difficulty in access and the transferring of subscriber consumption data.

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