Order CodeProduct Model
100KA011TUK-50 Tebaş Ultrasonic M-Bus Heat Meter DN50
100KA012TUK-65 Tebaş Ultrasonic M-Bus Heat Meter DN65
100KA013TUK-80 Tebaş Ultrasonic M-Bus Heat Meter DN80
100KA014TUK-100 Tebaş Ultrasonic M-Bus Heat Meter DN100
Technical Features

TEBAŞ / TUK Heat Meter is used for measuring the amount of energy consumed in heating.
It is consisted of TEBAŞ / TUK Heat Meter and control unit. It is consisted of control unit, flow sensor, microprocessor and heat sensors. Microprocessor calculates the energy consumption by using the water temperature values obtained from the input and output sensors. M-Bus function, supported by collector, concentrator and software, as well as remote reading feature can be added to our Heat Meter. The meter complies with EN 1434 standards with its low energy consumption and high performance. It is manufactured by Tebaş in Turkey.
• A filter should be placed at the entry of ultrasonic Heat Meter.
• A valve should be placed in order to clean and service the filter when required.
• Before the installation, first the pipe should be cleaned and the interior of pipe should be cleansed from mortar residues and chipping etc.
• Pay attention not to impact and squeeze the meter's body during the installation and carry out the installation by moving the pipes and sleeves.
• Please leave enough space for repairing and servicing. Installation should be made on the direction of water flow in the pipeline.
• Heat Meter can be installed horizontally or vertically to the water inlet at the pipe line. When installed horizontally, energy converter should have two parts in horizontal; when installed vertically, it should be installed on the line where the water flow is upwards.
• In order to prevent the rubber gasket to get damaged and to not cause leakage, please do not apply extra force when connecting the pipe.
• Care should be taken in order to prevent any impact on the meters during the transportation and the meters should not be stored at strong electromagnetic fields.
• Locate the probe, protection pipe and connection point.
• Open a hole at a suitable point on the pipe.
• Weld a base around the installation hole.
• After the soldering place cools down, a copper gasket is placed on the probe protection pipe, protection seal is attached on the pipe's threaded part with an adhesive tape, and the pipe is mounted on protection pipe.
• Place the probe on the protection pipe and fix it with fixing screw.
• Seal the probe and protection pipe.
Inlet probe protection pipe is installed to the meter's body at the factory. Output probe should be installed during the installation. While the base is soldered, the grooved part should be upward and the soldering should me made from the smooth part.

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