Order CodeProduct Model
110SU003SG-01PTebaş Mechanical Water MeterDN20
110SU018SG-01M Tebaş Mechanical Water Meterr DN15
110SU019PM-01 Tebaş Pulse Module
110SU020MB-01 Tebaş M-Bus Module
110SU021RF-01 Tebaş RF Module
Technical Features
•9 digits m3 (5 scales m3 and 3 scales liter and 1 circular scale liter) indicator
•100% brass body
•Magnetic protection
•DN15-DN20 dimensions
•Measurement sensitivity R80
•Optional pulse, M-Bus, RF compatible
•IP54 / 65 protection class against external factors
•Painted with electrostatic e/p dust
•Can be used at water temperatures from 0°C to 90°C
•Produced according to TS EN U154 standards
•Produced according to 2004/22/EC+2009/137/EC MID
•Accuracy class is 2 (Class 2)
•Meets OIML D11, OIMLR 69-1, OIMLR 69-2, OIMLR 69-3 standards
•Maximum allowable pressure (MAP) is 16 bars
•Capable for keeping 12 months' data retrospectively
•Measure against manipulation
•Data cannot be obtained if the meter turns upside down
•Battery life is 10 years according to the usage conditions
•2 years of product warranty
Threaded fasteners, water meter manifold, valve and water meter fittings etc. products, which ensure compliance to special and various applications, are provided optionally.

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