Order CodeProduct Model
110SU015SGK-01 TEBAŞ Prepaid Cold Water Meter DN20
110SU016SGK-01 TEBAŞ Prepaid Water Meter DN20
110SU022SGK-01M TEBAŞ Prepaid M-Bus Water Meter (Hot-Cold) DN20
Technical Features
KSG series IC card smart water meter has prepaid function, thus it eliminates the collection problems, disputes, and need for reading the meters at every house. Meter signal transmission base is consisted of a micro controller valve and actuator.
Tebaş smart water meter complies with the international standards and cutting-edge technology with its high accuracy, comprehensive functions and low power consumption advantage. It is suitable for modern water management at the houses. It does not damage the environment, and the raw material of ceramic is soil.
Smart IC Card
It is possible to query the meters and collect data with smart IC card featuring a chip which allows data transfer.
Warning the User (Temporary Valve Closing)
Possibility to determine the limit value for warning in advance and according to the request. When this limit value is reached, the meter's valve automatically closes down and reminds the user about adding units. When the IC card is scanned, the valve opens and all the purchased units can be used.
Warning the User (Temporary Valve Closing)
When the available unit is zero (0), the valve automatically closes down and opens again when the user adds unit to their IC card and swipes it at the meter.
Tebaş smart water meter has a self-protection feature. For example, when a magnetic field becomes closer, the meter can automatically close down its valve. User swipes their card at the meter to check the status. DC screen displays [closed] and protection sign, and protects the meter against extraordinary situations such as water leakage, magnet etc.
• Used for water temperatures from 0 to 90°C
• Brass body option
• Suitable for hot / cold water mains
• High technology production
• Accurate and reliable measurement
• Easy and practical use thanks to smart card system
• No more need for meter reading and billing system
• Storage of consumption records and access to past records
• Single point of control for the data (Optional)
• Smart system warning the user when the added units are about to be finished
• 5 years of battery life (according to use)
• CE certified, MID approved
• Easy-to-change battery

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