Order CodeProduct Model
130VT008SGK-01 Series Meter Card Reader-Writer with Chip
150YD002Tebaş Prepaid Cold Water Meter Unit Addition Software
170YP012SGK-01Series Meter Card with Chip
Technical Features
Tebaş Prepaid Card System;
It is based on pay according to what you consume. It is a suitable and practical system not only for water installations, but also for heating. Tebaş mechanical and ultrasonic calorimeters and Tebaş hot-cold water meters also have prepaid card models.
Ideal for the Housing Estate and Building Managers;
Tebaş prepaid system solves all the problems arising from failure to collect the bills.
It also saves from time and money as it will eliminate the need for reading the meters one by one.
It offers the opportunity to prepare user, building or region based reports.
Ideal for the Apartment Owners;
With the prepaid system, you only pay for the amount you consumed. Moreover, you buy the water in advance and then start consuming it. In this way, you can control your expenses and spend according to your income.
Tebaş prepaid card hot-cold water meters should be supported with a card reading-printing device and software.
A smart IC card is issued to each user. User adds units to their card, swipe it at the meter and consumes water.
With the smart IC card, the user can check the details in their meter and see how much water is left.

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