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100KA020TISI-01 Tebaş RF Share Meter with Double Temperature Sensor
150YD005Heat Share Meter RF Reading Software
130VT004T-BAS RF Tebaş 868 Mhz Hand Terminal
Technical Features
One of the most frequently encountered problems at big buildings consisted of individual houses, workplaces etc. units is the distribution of costs between the residents of building. Method used in distributing the costs is set out by UN110200 standard recommending a cost distribution system based on a basis with two variables.
Fixed amount (maximum 30%)
Consumption based amount
Therefore, the availability of equipment, which the consumption levels for each unit is determined, is very important. While the best solution for central horizontal distribution systems (situation B) is using a module equipped with a heat meter, the best solution for vertical distribution systems (situation A) is known as vertical systems or column system. Distribution of heating costs can be made only by using a detailed measurement system containing only the heat share meters.
In this regard, Tebaş Energy offers a new and complete product range consisted of heat cost distribution devices which determine the consumption of each radiator installed on energy device.
Consumption values of each radiator can be read in two individual ways.
Remote reading: For Tebaş Energy model, the consumption data of the devices are read daily with a radio frequency (walk by).
Thus, all the data can be transferred without any need to enter into the apartments, and the readings become less disturbing and easier.
Heat share meters can be used with various types of highly conductive aluminum adapters ensuring the attachment of these devices easily to any kind of radiator model (aluminum, cast iron, panel radiator etc.).
Heat share meters are equipped with a sensor allowing the measurement of radiator's surface temperature. If the radiator's temperature exceeds a predetermined reference room temperature (or the temperature determined for double sensor devices), then the heat share meter starts counting the signals based on an internal algorithm and thus the consumption value for each radiator is determined. These values are displayed on the device's screen. It provides information about the consumption of radiators to the users.
All share meters offered by Tebaş Energy have dynamic heat activation identification feature, which means as follows. When the heating system is operated, the temperature increases very quickly. If the temperature increases due to any external heat source (for example, exposing to sunlight), then this increase will occur much slower. Share meter identifies such situations and does not add these to the measurement.
Walk-By system is an effective, suitable and reliable version of a radio system remotely reading the consumption data.
The system's design is very simple and is based on three products.
• Electronic heat share meters for heating costs
• Portable data receiver
• PDA (personal digital assistant) or a laptop computer with a software for reading of meters
Share meters installed on each radiator at the floors transmit the consumption values for each radiator through a radio signal at 868 MHz frequency on a predetermined date. The person in charge with counting-measurement can download this data to a portable data collection device by visiting the common areas of the buildings and send this data to their PDA/laptop computer through Bluetooth interface.
Walk-By system provides a great benefit for both the apartment owners and the persons in charge with the counting and reading. It makes the collection of data very simple, fast and reliable. Thus, the persons in charge with counting and reading are not required to get an appointment from the apartment owners from the readings. Actually, the only thing they have to do is visiting the common areas of the buildings and downloading the consumption data.  In addition to this, in case of any unauthorized attempt to change the devices or to open the devices, the devices can generate error messages.

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