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140VA007TDBV-20 Sleeve Connection Tebaş Dynamic Balance Valve DN20
140VA008TEBV-20 Dynamic Balancing Valve TEE Connected DN20
Technical Features
  • Differential pressure control valve is a controlled valve that operates without any need for auxiliary energy.
  • It provides the hydraulic balancing of the building's installation.
  • It ensures a smooth and homogeneous heat distribution.
  • It provides the flow needed for the heating line.
  • It eliminates the noise problems arising due to high flow and pressure.
  • It ensures that circulation pumps operate less as it prevents unnecessary by-pass. Thus, energy saving is ensured.
  • Factory setting is made as 10 kPa. Differential pressure valve can be installed horizontally and vertically on the return line.
  • It can set a differential pressure between 5 to 25 kPa.
  • The adjusting valve can be rotated by 20 turns in total and provides average 1 kPa increase at each turn. It starts with 5 kPA and ends with 25 kPA at the end of 20 turns.
  • It provides excellent control with its dynamic control feature at the buildings where thermostatic radiator valve is used for the radiators.
  • The pressure change due to floor height difference causes less water to arrive at higher floors and thus causes a heating that is not homogeneous. By using the dynamic differential pressure valve, you can ensure a homogeneous heating.
  • It automatically provides an energy saving independent from your usage habits.
  • A readjustment can be made for the installed systems.

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