Order CodeProduct Model
120Iİ008TEBAŞ ECOSAT Ivar 33 Kw Heat Station
120Iİ014TEBAŞ IVAR SAT HLR Ivar 40 Kw Heat Station
120Iİ001TEBAŞ TFX50-6A Heat Station
120Iİ002TEBAŞ TFX50K-2/4 50 Kw Heat Station
120Iİ003TEBAŞ TFX50KF-2/4 50 Kw Heat Station
120Iİ004TEBAŞ TFX50KSF-3/4 50 Kw Heat Station
120Iİ005TEBAŞ TFX50KF-2/4 P 50 Kw Heat Station
120Iİ006TEBAŞ TFX50KSF-3/4 P 50 Kw Heat Station
120Iİ007TEBAŞ TFX50KSF-5/2 KL 50 Kw Heat Station (11-Collector Set)
Technical Features
Heat station is a multifunctional unit separately installed at each apartment in the buildings heated by a central system, prepares the hot service water with instant heating principle and also controls the heating system. Heat stations act as an interface in the central heating system and become the energy center of the apartment. It combines the economy provided by central heating systems with the comfort of individual systems. Thus, the system significantly reduces the energy expenses and assists in providing a fair balance in central system fuel expenses. Heat stations are installed at the entrance of apartments and directly feed from the central hot water boiler, and also prevents the pressure differences in the heating installation within the apartment and thus prevents the problems that might arise.
The temperature of the service water in Tebaş Energy heat stations can be adjusted to any temperature between 20°C to 70°C. Tebaş Energy heat stations guarantee fixed service water temperature independently from the changes in flow. The need for hot water, which is determined according to the size of apartment and the number of residents, is covered without any waiting time through the plate heat exchanger. In order to control the temperature of each room, it provides the atmosphere suitable (optimum) for the operating conditions of the thermostatic radiator valves.
Heat stations do not generate energy, but control and direct the hot water received from the heat center according to the need of the apartment. Therefore, there is no need for a separate natural gas line and an individual chimney for each apartment. No burning process takes place in the apartment and there is no risk for flue gas intoxication as no special chimney is available.
All the installation equipments on the station are made from MS 58 brass material, and provide high resistance against corrosion. Plate heat exchangers made from AISI316 grade stainless steel with copper soldering are used against oxidation and scaling in the heat stations.
For the buildings where the need for hot service water is met from the water stations, 2 main columns from the boiler room are sufficient. These are:
• Arrival from the energy center,
• Returning to the energy center.
As the hot service water is prepared at the heat station when needed, there is no need for equipment such as:
• Boiler,
• Hot water pump,
• Pump panel,
• Hot water meter and
•The pipe, insulation and other fittings required for connecting these components to the system.
Legionella bacteria rapidly reproduce when they find a suitable atmosphere to live. A very suitable atmosphere is provided for the development of bacteria particularly at warm or hot and still water between 20°C to 50°C. As hot water is always available in the boiler system, there is a risk that these bacteria occur in the water and Legionella disease arises. As, however, the hot service water is not stored in the heat stations and prepared in case of any need, the diseases caused by the bacteria such as Legionella are prevented.
• Floor station installed at the entrance of each apartment is fed from the water arriving from the central boiler room.
• The hot service water required for the apartment is produced at the exchanger inside the station.
• Water in the line arriving from the boiler room arrives to the point in the device where it will split into two for being delivered to the radiator and exchanger.
• dP controlled differential pressure valve is used for preventing the water from preferring to go to the radiator where the pressure load is less.
• Thanks to the valve, the line between radiator inlet and return is kept at the required pressure and it is ensured that the system operates with a priority on exchanger.
• At high-rise buildings,
• At studio apartments,
• Centrally heated villas,
• At offices and business centers,
• At different heat sources:
• Geothermal,
• Cogeneration
• Zonal heating and
• Natural gas and fuel-oil,
• Wood - coal boilers.
• Installation Set (Sleeve with Moveable Head),
• Mechanical & Ultrasonic Calorimeter,
• Electronic Valve,
• M-Bus Valve with Remote Control,
• Differential Pressure Control Valve,
• Insulation and Protective Cap.
• They provide saving and low investments cost.
• It is easy to install and use. It is possible to them in every condition and position.
• It requires minimum space for installation.
• Sensitive temperature adjustment (± 1°C) is possible with the specially designed valve and thermostatic control component.
• They provide an ideal use with condensing boilers.
• The strainers are available on them.
• They ensure that the air, which might occur in the heat station, is removed from the system with the mechanical purger.
• Operational equipment can be added upon request.
• They eliminate the bacteria disease (Legionella) risk in the central boiler systems.
• There is no need to install boiler, gas heater inside the apartment or chimney applications for the preparation of hot water in the central systems.
• The products have CE certificate, and comply with all the requirements of TS EN 14336 directive.
• ECOSAT modules are compact products designed for hot water generation.
• Hot service water is prioritized thanks to motorized three-way valve.
• When a need for hot service water arises, a flow switch at the inlet of service water unit sends a signal to the motorized valve, thus priority is given to the service water.
• It has a system preventing boiling with a thermostatic stirrer of 36-50°C.
It can be very useful in hybrid circuit systems. IvarSAT-HLR practically guarantees instant hot water all the time.
Characteristic components
• Hard soldered heat exchanger, Pn=40Kw (sanitary hot water generation)
• Sanitary mixer, 35-30C setting, NF 079 doc.08 approved
• Sanitary water priority valve controlled with 230 VAC motor; 6W; opening speed of 5 seconds
• Differential excess pressure transition in primary boil circuit: 0.2-0.6 bar
• Opening/closing electrothermal cap
• Balancing by-pass transition channel with two micrometric settings
• Loading / starting taps and air release valve
• Class A accelerator pump with variable speed
• Sanitary hot water circulation pump
• Heat meter
• Cold water meter

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