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100KA028TUK-15 Ultrasonic Heatmeter With M-Bus
Technical Features
Tebaş Ultrasonic Heat Meter is a type of measurement device where the energy value of the fluid coming from the heat source is calculated and displayed. It is developed to meet the need for heating, as in individual systems (pay what you use), for the buildings heated with a central heating system. Calculation unit is flowmeter. It measures according to the ultrasonic principles. Tebaş Heat Meter is a compact product consisted of two flow sensors, microprocessor and a double heat sensor.
Microprocessor: It takes the flow signals from the flow sensor and the fluid temperature value (∆t difference) from the heat sensors at the inlet and outlet, and calculates the energy of fluid, which carries the heat, with the standard heat calculation formula.
The meter is designed according to the European standard EN 1434 and the international standard 0IML-R75. It has high capacity and low energy consumption.
• Can be operated in water.
• Ideal for heating and cooling installation / Hybrid.
• Flow measurement is suitable to the latest wireless digital display patent technology, protected against wearing.
• Warns when the battery is low.
• It gives a warning when the temperature sensor is removed or causes a short circuit.
• Smart consumption decrease according to the flow.
• Wide temperature range and high resolution LCD screen.
• Automatic data verification technology.
• Its straight pipe structure displays high resistance against shaking and is protected against obscuring.
• Very low energy use, 10 years according to usage (static status energy consumption is less than 7 µA).
• The tube part is manufactured according to high press technology. There is no moving part (no wheel) in the measurement part and it does not cause any wearing.
• Measurement sensitivity is not affected throughout the usage.
• Possibility to install horizontally and vertically.
• Single-piece design ensuring ease of installation at narrow spaces.
• Optionally, reading over cable (M-Bus) or remote reading through radio frequency.
• Protection class is IP 65. Waterproof.
• CE certified, MID approved

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Our company has been founded in 1997 and has got ISO 9001 quality certificate and Authorized Counter Reading Certificates approved by European Standard (CE) and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

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